SONG CYCLE (DesConcierto)

A series that explores the place of the voice and the body in the context of live music. Each piece approaches the format of a song in a different way, combining composition, voice, dance and imagery.
These songs are being written and performed as short individual pieces and will then come together as a single performance, DesConcierto. To be premiered in Barcelona in the autumn.

WALKING ON GLASS - fragments

Work in progress on the themes of randomness and narrative

I am fascinated by the idea of how a narrative gets established and it is undoubtedly a crucial subject in this day and age, perhaps THE most important subject. We are collectively responsable for how history gets written.
How do we make sense of the past? How do we deal with the fragments, the loose ends, how do we cope with our need to rationalise past?






A collaboration with musician Chris Orton based on musical modes.
Premiered in Barcelona 26-29 May 2016, Sala Fènix

Accepting being lost,
accepting absurdity joyfully,
the always leaving,
the inner child,
there's no need to choose

A piece that combines butoh dance, physical theatre and musical composition in an investigation, based on the concept of modality, of the themes of order and chaos, universal systems, individual and collective choice, narrative and the significance of sequences in our history.