25,27 October ad 8,10 November, VOXSHOP Taller de Composición / Coreografía, Observatori del Cos, Barcelona
28 July 10h-12h, PRIMERA VOZ, Observatori del Cos, Barcelona
14-15 April, Evolution Arts, Brighton
24-25 February, Barcelona

Fridays 10am-12pm, LA PICONERA, Barcelona
Tuesdays 4.30-6.30pm, Centro Civic Barceloneta, Barcelona

VOXSHOP: Regular classes in vocal technique and creation, Tuesdays 8.30-10pm, Barcelona


Exploring the connections -and disconnections- between body and voice.
Dialogue. Listening to the smallest vibrations within our bodies, to the voices that inhabit or pass through us. Voices of our ancestors, of our primitive selves.
Sound as movement.
Voice as dance.

This workshop seeks to work with voice as part of movement and dance.
The connection with our breathing, with our primitive self, the relationship between our body and the space and structures that surround us. Spaces inside, spaces outside, spaces in between.
We will work on different techniques, based on breathing exercices, relaxation and posture, stretching and the use of mental images. We will experiment with voice projection, focusing our awareness on different ways of occupying the space with our physical presence and applying this awareness to the production of sound. We will explore the idea of the body as an object, as a channel, as an instrument, in order to discover the great range of voices we each have and their expressive and physical potential.
We will sing together, searching for ways of being in harmony with ourselves, with others and with our environment.

This course is suitable for performers from different disciplines (theatre, dance, music or performance art), who are interested in exploring body and voice together. No previous experience of butoh dance or vocal technique is required.