Josephine Grundy
(UK, 1975)
Josephine Grundy, In descanto

Josephine grew up in England and in France and has been living in Barcelona since 1997. She has a degree in Human Sciences (specialising in history and philosophy) from University College London and a diploma in theatre studies (Lecoq method) from Estudis de Teatre Berty Tobías, Barcelona.

She has studied physical theatre and collaborated with several directors and companies including Katalin Györffy, Susan Byrne, Teatro de los Sentidos, Théâtre du Mouvement, Cie Jeanne Simone and Carolina Pizarro (Odin Teatret). She has also performed at a wide range of international street theatre festivals with the companies Osadia and Dádivas.

She has been studying music and vocal technique (Loti Lewis, Estill Voice Craft) for many years and works as a professional voice artist in English and French, doing voice overs, dubbing, soundtracks for dance and theatre, and professional music recordings.

In the last 12 years she has become especially interested in butoh dance (Rosana Barra, Ariel Procajlo, Atsushi Takenouchi, Tebby Ramisake, Minako Seki, Gyohei Zaitsu...) and has been exploring voice through dance.

She has performed with the dance-theatre company Cuerpo Transitorio and has presented her own solo pieces at several editions of the Barcelona in Butoh Festival.

She is currently working on her own voice and dance productions with the VoxDansa project, and giving workshops in voice and butoh dance.

VOZ INCORPORADA/VOICE EMBODIED- butoh dance and voice workshops (also directing individual projects), 2010-18

SALÓN ST PAU/SALÓN DE SANTS- host and performer, regular arts event, Barcelona, 2013-18

SONG CYCLE- DesConcierto – butoh and voice solo, Experimenta Menorca, 2017

EL GRITO DEL ALMA- intensive workshop, Experimenta Menorca, 2017

SONG CYCLE- Track#5 – butoh and voice solo, Bleeding Hearts at the Rialto Brighton, 2017

SONG CYCLE- End of the River and World Alone – butoh and voice solo, Segundo Encuentro de Butoh de Zaragoza, 2016

ENCOUNTERS- voice and movement impro piece with Xelís de Toro, performed at Hundred Years Gallery, London, 2016

PAISATGES EN MOVIMENT- butoh solo – collaboration with the catalan land art association LAAC, Happening 2016, Begues

SONG CYCLE- The River and Beyond – butoh and voice solo, opening of the London Latin Arts exhibition Vermillion, London, 2016

MODULAR- Collaborative piece with the musician Chris Orton, first performed at Sala Fènix, Barcelona, 2016

SONG CYCLE- The River – butoh and voice solo, Hors Lits Barcelona, 2016

CABARET LECOQ- various short solo pieces – Sala Fènix, Barcelona, 2016

STEMS Migrating Hybrid Arts Festival- creative director and performer, Barcelona-Oslo 2015

EXCÉNTRIC CABARET- several short solo pieces, Sala Fènix, Barcelona, 2015

MIGRATIONS- voice/dance solo, BUTOHS, Teatre de l'Ènjolit, Barcelona, 2015

VOZ EN MOVIMIENTO- voice workshops based on butoh dance and physical theatre, 2010-15

VANISHING POINT- voice/dance solo, Barcelona in Butoh Festival 2014

PENELOPE OBSERVATORI-group butoh performance, Compañía Cuerpo Transitorio, Barcelona in Butoh Festival 2014

100 FLOWERS FOR CARLOTTA IKEDA- vocalist in the group performance at the Catalan Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona in Butoh Festival 2014

CITTA INVIVIBILE- music video by Andrés Bartos, Locomotive Pictures, 2014

LAPIN- character of Nina in the short film directed by Andrés Bartos, Locomotive Pictures, 2014

VOYEUR- voice of main character in the film byOlpama Films, 2014

IN DESCANTO- voice/dance piece, performed in Barcelona at IN-Prescindibles (La Poderosa) and Cápsula de Nuevas Tendencias Escénicas (Espai 30), 2014

CÁPSULA DE NUEVAS TENDENCIAS ESCÉNICAS- creative director and producer, Espai 30, Barcelona, 2014

IN DESCANTO- film version, directed and shot by Andres Bartos, Locomotive Pictures, 2014

ORIZZONTE- group performance for the opening of the Barcelona in Butoh Festival 2011

CANTO BAILADO- voice/dance solo, Barcelona in Butoh Festival 2011 (Nau Ivanow), also performed at various art spaces in Barcelona, 2011-2012

¡DÁDIVAS!…eSO eS- street theatre show, 2013-2015:
Paderborn Arts Fair, Stebulku Salis (Lithuania), Chalon dans la Rue, Regensburg Festival, La Mercè 2012 (Barcelona), and various festivals around Spain including Almansa, Viladecans, Vilassar de Dalt Festival and Laguna del Duero.

OSADIA- Performance/street theatre, 2007-2015:
Festival of Latin Cultures (Macau), Daidogei (Shizuoka, Japan), Womadelaide (Adelaide, Australia), Festival of the Arts (Detroit, USA), Just For Laughs (Montreal, Canada, and Nantes, France), Tollwood (Munich, Germany), Hanover Fair (Hanover, Alemania), Nice Carnaval (Nice, France), Nantes Festival (Nantes, France), Angers Festival (France), Liverpool European City of Culture (Liverpool, UK), Showtime (Olympic events, London 2012)…

JINGLE- voice coaching for visual artist Laia Estruch, 2011-12

EL ACTO- investigation project with visual artist Tamara Kuselman, 2011

ME LLAMO CLAUDIO- performer for visual artist Tamara Kuselman, 2009-10

EL VIAJE DE PENÉLOPE- butoh dance piece with Cuerpo Transitorio dance company, Barcelona in Butoh Festival 2009, sala Miscelanea

JOSÉPHINE & CIE.- chanson française/cabaret performances,2006 -2010