In Descanto

IN DESCANTO composed and performed by Josephine Grundy film version by Andrés Bartos


composed and performed by Josephine Grundy (voice, dance, keyboard)
film version by Andres Bartos - Locomotive Pictures(link)


A 'vocal dance' performance that combines elements from butoh dance, physical theatre, vocal technique, musical composition and film.


This project is an exploration of the encounter between different performance languages. It stems from my personal difficulty to express or define myself within a single ‘language’, be it on stage or in real life, something which I believe many people experience in the modern world.
My explorations in butoh dance in particular allowed me to realise that we don’t necessarily have to define ourselves within a particular mould.

The central theme of the piece is the voice.
The voice as a channel for primitive forces, textures, sonic images, atemporal associations.
The voice that tells a story, our common history, the narrative of a character whom we occasionally catch glimpses of.
The voice in relation to the body, to the space and structures that surround us.
The voice in relation to words- their weight, their beauty, their limitations, the borders they impose, the barriers they break down.