A semi-improvised piece that combines butoh dance, mime/clown and voice in an investigation on the theme of migrations of different kinds, in space, in time, in our hearts and minds.


MIGRATIONS – Notes from a performance
Text: Bea González

A woman.
The space, despite its crystalline emptiness,
does not consume her
She acknowledges, affirms, with her silence,
her will to be, to be alive.

Silence that carries the unsaid
Just before action. In non-action.
Where the journey occurs.
Where the train is waiting for her.

She is capable, in the emptiness
Of pronouncing the word 'Canada'
Of travelling to any place

And with a viceral impulse
she says that what is never said

She leaves, pink transluscent crystal
with her train
and her traveller's grief


Review (in Spanish): Link