Site-Specific / Vanishing Point



More recently I have started to combine elements that I have been exploring in staged performances and the very different experience of performing in public outdoor environments where the transition between the 'everyday' body and a body that is in a more abstract and essential relationship with its environment is, I believe, particularly intriguing and touching for the people who are watching, or who just happen to be passing by.
In the film version of IN DESCANTO I started to incorporate outdoor material.

VANISHING POINT is an improvisation in an urban public space and was performed for the first time at the Barcelona in Butoh Festival 2014.

In this piece in particular I am exploring the relationship between the body (including voice) and its environment, how the body can be interpreted in relation to its surroundings. I am also continuing to explore ideas from my last staged performance, In Descanto, where I was working with the concept of 'inside' and 'outside'.

With this piece I started from the idea of disappearing. The inspiration came from a series of photographs by Boushra Almutawakel, the Veil Series.
The idea of being, or becoming, invisible struck me as very powerful, obviously as a woman in an extremist society, but also more generally as an individual in society.
What happens if I choose to become invisible, to inhabit the point where I cease to exist?

EXPOSICIÓ is also a site-specific improvised piece, in collaboration with photographer Gregory Beals.